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Online Roulette Rules and Recommendations

Online Roulette is one of the easiest casino games in world and in the online casino history. The main advantage of online roulette in comparison with land one is the big selection of variations, which include French Roulette (difficultly found in land casinos).

Online Roulette Variations

  • European Roulette with the 37-compartments wheel (18 red, 18 black and one 0 slot)
  • American Roulette with the 38-slots wheel (one more 00-compartment).

Online Roulette Rules

  1. The maximum number of players in online roulette is 8. They all are playing against the banker.
  2. The dealer spins the wheel and manages wagers and payouts.
  3. Before the beginning of the game, players place their bets. They are multicolored, particular chips for each player for convenient play.
  4. There is a great variety of betting options in roulette. Bets can be:
    • Inside (numbers bets)
    • Outside (black/red, columns, dozens, low/high, odd/even)
    • Red/Black
    • Odd/Even
    • Big/Small (19-36; 1-18 correspondingly)
    • Columns
    • Dozens
    • Sixline (6 numbers)
    • Corner (4 numbers)
    • Street (3 numbers)
    • Split (2 numbers)
    • Straight Up (1 number).
  5. After the wagers are placed the dealer spins the wheel and fling the ball at the opposed direction.
  6. Before the ball stops the banker announces that wagers are not accepted anymore.
  7. After this the results are announced and winning and losing bets are distributed.

Winning Roulette Strategy Recommendations

  • To lower the casino advantage in the online roulette you should always play its European variation without double zero.
  • The bonuses offered by online casinos are much higher than land casinos ones.
  • There is a possibility in online roulette games to play using free money.
  • Never put the large amount of different bets, because you'll lose much more money than while placing 2 or 3 bets. The more you bet, the more you lose.
  • Pick a few numbers and put bets on them for some time, and then change selected numbers.
  • Don't try to count the roulette spinning results in the long run play, as the wheel has no memory and numbers are chosen in random order.
  • It is recommended to raise the bets on a loss and lower after several wins.

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