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Rushmore Casino

Rushmore Casino refers to a casino online that has global visitors (mostly from America, though). However, this doesn't mean that rich customers are the only ones welcome there.

Rushmore Casino bets are very moderate and start from 5 cents, going all the way to the hundreds. Fortunately, the confidentiality and security of Rushmore Casino are very high because the software that it uses is made by Real Time - a reliable and reputable software developer of only the best quality.

The interior design of Rushmore Casino was originally modeled after real classic casinos with its familiar green gaming table cloths, rich decoration, rainbow-colored slots and pleasing coin sounds and victory music. Rushmore Casino's video poker styles look just as reputable.

Chances to preview chosen slots or gaming fields, comfortable management, games with fake money for beginners and a lot of other things also exist, so customers can feel comfortable in this online casino's walls without any problems. If gamers still have questions in the end, the support service that speaks English is constantly prepared to solve problems.

The Bonuses

The bonus programs at Rushmore Casino are unusually diverse and generous. Every beginner can get a maximum of $888 for their initial two deposits and 10 different bonuses worth $5000 are raffled up for certain games, while 5 different deposit bonuses also exist every week.

Games who love slots also get special bonuses during the weekend. Everybody will get tougher betting requirements that have to be learned before the casino premium or coupon is activated, though. No conditions exist, either, except for loyalty programs and friend referrals.

The Games

More than a hundred games exist at Rushmore Casino, several of which have different versions available for each visitor. Online casino guests can also play online European or American roulette, try out for lady luck at card tables (video poker, baccarat, blackjack, and war) and craps.

A wide array of different video slots also exists, which are regularly updated with modern RTG developments that will satisfy different generations of gamer requirements - from traditional bandits to today's 7-reel slots, complete with elegant sounds and graphics, and from fake money games to minimum bet games to go for big progressive stakes. How exciting is that? If you would rather spend some quiet time gambling online, you can eve enjoy Sic Bo or keno. As for the more serious players, Rushmore Casino also offers up 7-Stud video poker with bets that start from $5 along with incredibly generous withdrawals. Have fun!

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