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Basic Strategy

Because of pop culture, daily players of blackjack are now worried that they cannot beat the greatest strategies of blackjack out there. The MIT students who counted cards in 21, for example, made blackjack look so easy for geniuses yet so impossible for everybody else. However, there is no need to be an expert at math or a student of MIT in order to master strategies of blackjack; you just need to commit yourself to each game.

Strategies of blackjack start with your cards and ultimately use various other things. For instance, the majority of blackjack strategies out there will advise you to consider the dealer's face-up card as much as your actual hand. Several strategies, such as card counting, however, will tell you to look at every player's hand.

Strategies for Your Own Hand

One basic strategy for online blackjack would be to pay close heed to your hand. Although the game pits players against the dealer, one fundamental game aspect would be to reach a number close to a total of 21 without busting. By concentrating on your hand and nobody else's, you can make more rational decisions as opposed to emotional ones. Plus, you will be able to decide on hitting or standing, depending on your chances of exceeding 21 as opposed to wanting to beat out the dealer.

By approaching blackjack games in a logical way instead of an emotional way, you can work inside the systems better and completely get rid of the casino edge. For instance:

  • Having a total of 11 at most to begin with will ensure that you do not bust by hitting, which is why hitting is a must with such hands.
  • Hand values that total a minimum of 17 have high chances of busting (if no soft Aces exist in the hand, anyway), so you should always choose to stand.
  • Hands that lie from 12 to 16 lie within the gray area, which needs more intuitive and newer strategies of blackjack.

Strategies for the Hand of the Dealer

If you do not know when to stand or hit, you need to take another factor into consideration: the hand of the dealer. There are no exceptions: the dealer will always show one of his cards and this is the card that you will need to base most of your decisions on, as a player.

The majority of blackjack strategies out there will advise you to believe that the face-down of the dealer is always a 10. If you add a 10 to his face-up card, you can then come up with hypothetical hands to fight against.

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